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Session 10 - Active tectonics and earthquakes: their recordings in the geological, geomorphic and archaeological archives

Stéphane Baize1, Jean-François Ritz2, Pierre Antoine3, Laurence Audin4, Klaus Reicherter5

Joint French-German organisation


The seismicity of intraplate regions, such as metropolitan France and Germany, is diffuse and moderate in intensity. However, major and destructive events have occurred and left surface geological effects, either during recent geological times (e.g. Bellier et al., in review; Hürtgen, 2018), or in historical times (e.g. Kübler et al., 2018; Ritz et al., 2020), and will occur in the future. Quantifying the seismic hazard, to protect populations and infrastructures, as well as understanding the natural phenomena involved, require to include as much as possible the strong events with the best possible completeness, beyond the instrumental and historical seismic catalogues. This session is organized to bring together scientific communities that face in the field the natural (soils, superficial deposits) or anthropogenic (archaeological remains) archives, potentially having recorded the effects of earthquakes. The objective is to share their own observations and knowledge, as well as to think about potential joint actions to leverage their respective skills to a common goal.


1 - IRSN

2- Géosciences Montpellier

3 - CNRS Meudon

4 - ISTERRE Grenoble

5 - RWTH Aachen

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